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How to Get a Perfect -6 dB Mixdown With Gain Staging

2019-03-15 5,662 113 115,231 YouTube

Warp Academy

Download the Free Template (Live 9 & 10 + Logic): Free Course on Ableton Live 10: Free Course on XFer Serum: 6 Tips for Exporting Your Song for Mastering: Skip to Somethin' 0:00 Intro 0:23 Why you need 6 dB of headroom 1:20 Intro to my mixing template 2:00 How to gain stage 3:03 Custom gain staging & mixing Audio Effect Rack 4:15 How to get -6 dBFS peak level 4:43 How to set your kick level, & mix around that 5:55 How to view clipping and fix your mixdowns 6:58 Outro In this video I want to share some workflow tips on gain staging and how to get a mixdown that’s perfectly dialed to send in for mastering. Mastering engineers will typically ask you to render your mixdown so that it peaks at -6dBFS. Pretty much all mastering engineers use this as a standard because it gives them some room to work with. But how do you mix so that everything sums up to perfectly to -6? Easier said than done. So, I’ve got a workflow and a couple of simple techniques I want to show you that’ll help you nail this every time. I’m going to show you my personal mixing template and walk you my process step by step. #gainstaging #mixingtutorial #premaster

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  • Warp Academy
    Warp Academy   
    2019-05-14 17:04:07

    Seeing as this video brought up a deeper discussion around headroom & gain staging in 32 bit digital audio, I shot a follow up video. Watch part 2 here:

  • White Deer
    White Deer   
    2019-12-10 10:47:51

    Whoa, thank you so much!

  • bob frode
    bob frode   
    2019-12-09 13:24:14

    Hi and thx for the template :) a thing i do not understand is how ppl are getting their mix so loud on soundcloud. I know there is percieved and actual loudness, but i always have to turn my volume down when changing to a track by another artist. ok, they are probably using a proper mastering engineer :)

  • X Y
    X Y   
    2019-12-08 15:00:12

    We’re well into the age of digital audio, why is gain staging still an important topic? As long as it’s not clipping it’s fine.

  • Wasaaap Droid
    Wasaaap Droid   
    2019-12-07 13:40:07

    Nothing you do here, especially the whole -6dB thing, has anything to do with gain staging. What you do is mostly just called mixing. Gain staging is about optimizing the dynamic ranges of the tracks so that you minimize background noise and increase the range of your mixing faders. Basically you're bringing all your material into roughly the same dynamic range. (that's why templates are a weird idea unless everything will always be maximized to 0dBfs) Gain staging has nothing to do with your master bus levels, especially in a DAW. It's not called EQ staging, or Output level staging or whatever other processing you do in our video. Also, bringing everything down beforehand doesn't give you more headroom. Not in ableton and not in most modern DAW's. In fact, the way you do it, it reduces the fader headroom since you bring everything down but the faders have very little range above 0dB. Anyway, generally you're giving good mixing tips here, but you sure screw up the meaning of frikking gain staging. And finally, this -6dB is just a frikking guide level. There is nothing magical about it and the mastering engineer can change the level to anything they want. There is no technical reason to be spot-on at -6dB. It's a mind-bogglingly stupid notion that shows little knowledge of digital audio. You could deliver your mix with peaks @-20dB and it will sound fine after the master is finished. It's a waste of effort to be so rigorous about -6dB. How many tracks can you name that have become successful because they were mixed to exactly -6dB? I can tell you. None.

  • Wes Paluska
    Wes Paluska   
    2019-12-05 20:33:50

    Is there a version of this for Ableton 9 you could share?

  • morgengabe1
    2019-12-03 18:27:14

    What's that key/pad/knob controller he has on the left? Looks like an akai.

  • longchank0
    2019-12-02 15:43:41

    gain staging before adding FX (eq,revrb,delay,etc.) or after ??

  • Au5
    2019-12-01 22:24:38

    Why can't mastering engineers add a -6db gain to a normalized premaster? No reason at all. We don't live in the world of tapes and tubes anymore so needing 6 dB of headroom is obsolete, since it won't change the sound as you're approaching 0db. Just make sure your track isn't unintentionally clipping.

  • Thadnill
    2019-12-01 05:22:24

    I'm a true beginner, but what about setting your kick at -18 dB, and then let everything else bounce around that level? You will most likely not peak, have lot's of headroom, and if you would want to change some adjustments, add some volume to the master, some tracks, or whatever, just add some extra gain to it? Side beginners question: Is it bad to let your master peak at -12 before mastering? I mean that's a nice chunk of headroom, so it shouldn't be an issue right?

  • baconben
    2019-11-30 17:32:17

    Really great advice, thank you! I'd love to take a look at the Ableton Live template but the site seems to be down - any idea when it will be back online?

  • B
    2019-11-30 03:08:45

    Why not just gain stage each channel and raw sound with no effects to (-6 through -12 dB) on the volume fader (while its on 0) before characterizing the channel volumes to your preference for the track, then selecting all channels simultaneously and lower your mix to -6db on the master?

  • Jacob Markman
    Jacob Markman   
    2019-11-30 02:31:28

    Hey thank you for the tutorial! Will it make sense if I mix with even lower peak db levels during mixing, so that there is not even a chance that I'll be clipping, PLUS I'll have lower peak levels than -6db at the end? Does that work as well? or am I missing something?

  • Logic Lock
    Logic Lock   
    2019-11-30 01:37:32

    you dont need it at -6, just not clipping. just bring the volume down as the level goes up and down with the mastering tools anyway

  • rik dijkstra
    rik dijkstra   
    2019-11-29 20:52:21

    Where can I get the template? The download link is down

  • realies
    2019-11-27 08:05:25

    Just turn it down by 6 dB if it peaks at 0 you knob. Why waste time and bit-depth resolution by asking the client to re-export to -6 dB peak?

  • TREVRmusic
    2019-11-27 05:39:56

    If you see this I'd appreciate your advice but when I do this technique in Logic my mix literally is clipping. Also, how is this technique any different than just mixing to -6 on the master without doing the -16/+6 utilities? Thank you so much. I'm very eager to hear back. Ha I've watched this video 1k times no joke.

  • Jonas B
    Jonas B   
    2019-11-26 23:22:54

    Hi and thank you for the video, am trying the tip out at this very moment. Have a question for you, that I hope you would help me with. If i put a -16dB utility plugin at the beginning of my chain (a drum loop in this example), then I run into a problem with my next plugin, IVGI2 (a saturator). This plugin, as many others, are calibrated to -18dbfs or 0VU, but I cant reach this level, even with the saturators input trim, because of the -16dB from the Utility. The drum loop is comming from kontakt. Should I just trim Kontakt, so that it peaks at 0dB BEFORE i turn on the Utility with -16dB ? I dont really think I get the logic in what you are saying, even though it makes sense. Just can't figure this out in practice. The whole VU, dbfs etc. is a bit confusing.

  • Visual Works // GB Lexx //
    Visual Works // GB Lexx //   
    2019-11-24 17:15:03

    Hello, the link does not work, can you correct the problem and share it again please?, show error 522, thanks.

  • Kieran_t_2010
    2019-11-23 16:00:50

    i wondered where this guy went. you never did the custom vengeance kick video you promised

  • D. H.
    D. H.   
    2019-11-21 21:54:14

    yo, this is fucking amazing! I've been looking for a template like this. Thank you so much!!!

  • Xelous
    2019-11-21 10:49:05

    I’m wondering where did I get lost at

  • Deadline
    2019-11-20 22:54:07

    Sir, so if your mix is peaking at -6db, you have 6db of headroom left, if its peaking at 0db you have no headroom at all, is that right?

  • Chris Kalbacher
    Chris Kalbacher   
    2019-11-19 22:13:12

    if your using sample or simpler, do you still need to add another gain plugin, since those already bring down the level -12db?